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Alice Frances Jones
Painter / Paintio

Alice lives on a dairy farm in Gresford, North Wales where she has her studio. She trained in Leeds, and in 2019 received an honours degree in Fine Art. 

Alice was first inspired to paint abstract landscapes whilst on an artist residency in Tuscany and since then has honed her skill od capturing the rugged, mountainous landscapes of Wales. During her degree at the University of Leeds, Alice studied landscape painting and became particularly interested in the cultivation of the ‘Sublime’ in Welsh landscape paintings from the 18th Century to Modern Day. This permeated her studio practice and Alice has since taken particular interest in the Mountainous landscape of Eryri.

Whilst abstract in form, the work references the natural environment. Alice’s creative process is largely intuitive, with mark-making and building up sometimes up to 200 layers on a single canvas an integral part of her practice. This process helps to convey the sheer magnitude of the landscape, evoking a sense of the ‘Sublime’ and honouring the distinct beauty of Wales. 

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