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Annabel Cooper
Paper Sculpture

Annabel is currently exploring both wildflowers and garden flowers that grow readily throughout the UK and then re-creates them as paper botanical sculptures formed from Italian and German crepe paper. 

Annabel is based in Gwynedd and studied Fine Art Sculpture at Brighton University. During her time there she explored working with paper and embossing as her medium of choice. Her career went in a different direction and she became a plumber for many years. However, she remained creative and 2020 arrived giving Annabel the opportunity to re-discover her interest in botanical sculpture and as a means to keep her mind and hands busy during the lockdown and beyond. Her work was initially inspired by some paper flowers that she received as a witness at a friend’s wedding. The flowers provided a beautiful memento of the day that won’t fade and made her home more pleasing.

Annabel described that as soon as she started making the flowers, it was like coming home. The paper engineering muscle memory kicked in and the joy of forming something splendid made her calm. Annabel loves the idea of sending and receiving a beautiful paper floral keepsake as a gift, especially as it’s so difficult to see all the people we love this year.  Annabel thinks of them as being 3 dimensional botanical drawings, but one could easily mistake them for the real thing. 

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