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Carol Udale
Jewellery and Painting/
Gemwaith a Phaentio

Carol fell in love with working in clay whilst at Manchester Art College doing a degree in 3D Design in wood, metal and ceramics. So much so, she joined Abbey Green Studios, Chester and continued working in clay for 19 years. A lot of her work involved carving with a scalpel to produce lines in a very geometrical manner.


Come 1996, she gave up pottery and pursued her interests in printing and paintings which bring us to the present day of the same styles coming through in her watercolours of winter trees. Through torn paper, masking tape and fine line painting, these represent the strata and roots beneath the trees.


During the pandemic lockdown, she had time to experiment with watercolour paper and resin, teaching herself how to create her paper jewellery which have evolved to what they are now, all unique with sort of matching pairs!

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