21 & 22 OCTOBER 

10AM - 4PM


22 OCTOBER 2020

Welcome to the Autumn Arts catalogue. This Autumn the arts programme covers two themes including, 'The Nature of Snowdonia' and 'Hope: The Creative Response'.

These two exhibitions beautifully collide together in one space to create an experience that uplifts, re-connects and inspires.



Scroll down for details on individual artists and click on image of artwork for details.

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Check out the home page for opening times, visiting restrictions and directions. Love you to visit with a mask and keeping your 2M distance of course.

Let us all enjoy and stay safe!



Alice graduated just last year from Leeds with a BA (hons) in Fine Art and is already making headway in the art world. Her studio is based on the family dairy farm in North Wales.

Since graduating Alice has taken particular interest in the Mountainous landscape of Snowdonia, and the affects weather has on the landscape. Layering multiple thin washes of paint, and using a wide palette of colours, Alice captures the mood of the landscape and creates a sense of depth and physical space. This collection of works have all been created this year with a new energy and enthusiasm that conveys the sheer magnitude of the landscape, evoking a sense of the 'sublime' and beauty of Wales in a contemporary  abstract style that refreshes the eyes.

If you love Snowdonia and are looking to support an emerging artist, whilst making a good investment then I would be putting my money right here. This young artist ticks all the boxes! Come and see for yourself.....

Alice Frances Jones - Ascent  Snowdonia, 2020 - SOLD
Alice Frances Jones - Evening Light - £450
Alice Frances Jones - Mountain Stream - £380
Alice Frances Jones - Where the Light Hits - £780
Alice Frances Jones - Sudden Light - £400
Alice Frances Jones - Snowscape -  £800
Alice Frances Jones, Rising Waters, £850
Alice Frances Jones, Swallow Falls #4, SOLD
Alice Frances Jones -Once the Snow Melts - SOLD


Dave Roberts is a self taught and established pastel artist specialising in capturing the stunning beauty of the North Wales' landscapes that surround his home. Dave can often be found in the mountains at dawn or dusk, where the light is at its most dramatic. This clearly comes through in his paintings with stunning and captivating results that truly capture the landscape in an almost photographic quality using bold, vivid and deep contrasts that give wander to the imagination and delight to tired eyes.

Twilight and the 'magic hour' offers a space in-between. A moment of peace and time to reflect and assess the day that's been or the day ahead.

When looking at a pastel painting by Dave Roberts one can feel a sense of calm and peace. These works offer a moment to pause and enjoy the view in any setting. A pure delight! Dave briefly exhibited here for the first time back in March just as we went into lockdown. I'm thrilled that he has returned.

Dave Roberts, Tree at Dusk, £325
Dave Roberts, Fairy Glen I, £325
Dave Roberts, The Arans, £325
Dave Roberts, Arenig Fawr Evening, £325
Dave Roberts, Winter’s Morning, Moelwyn Mawr - £470


Dorothy Taylor is an established landscape painter, graduating from John Moores University in the 1980s where she went onto have a career as a teacher in art and design and head of department in Wigan. Today she lives and paints in North Wales with a focus on the Welsh landscape that are often juxtaposed in a way that makes the ordinary seem extraordinary.

These works were all created during the height of the early lockdown. Dorothy spent most days painting in her studio, working steadily and purposefully in a way to manage the ongoing uncertainty. Inspiration came from re-visiting happy memories and of good times spent with family and friends, which also provided much comfort and positivity. 

The paintings themselves have a sense of atmosphere; one of hope and wellbeing. This is achieved through tone and heightened colour suggesting a dreamlike state, whilst in others using pictorial composition to derive balance and harmony. These paintings are like oxygen for the mind and eye. To quote Dorothy:

"At a time of isolation- one’s mind roams even when our feet and bodies cannot. If new landscapes, views and picturesque compositions cannot be experienced, memories of places once enjoyed can. This is where my mind longs to reside and dwell happily. Free from my anxieties; free from what the future might hold, my mind finds a pleasant resting place in memory and remembrance. 

This is not to bury my head in the sand but rather to keep my mind healthy and positive. And what is it then that maintains importance, is it family, friends, associates?

Yes, but for me the landscape painter; it is other things too. It is the thing that draws me to keep on pursuing what one sees, the wonderful world we live in.

Woods and Water…. Land and Air."

Dorothy Taylor, 'Remembered Pathway', £500
Dorothy Taylor, 'Remembered Climb', £500
Dorothy Taylor, 'Remembered Walk,' £500
Dorothy Taylor, 'Floating World I,'   £365
Dorothy Taylor, 'Floating World II,' £365


Harri Carmichael is an Artist and Jeweller, living and working in her home studio on Anglesey.
She has a HND in Jewellery and BA Hons in Fine Art.
Her multidisciplinary practice uses a wide variety of materials suggested to her by the inspiration for the piece which may relate to topics from bioengineering to the natural beauty she is surrounded.  She has worked with mirror, wood, modelling materials, and found objects as well as traditional painting and printing materials, precious and non-precious metals and stones.Harri has been involved in the Ogwen Festival’s pop up sculpture area for several years, creating site specific work.
Harri’s paintings were first included in the Cambrian Academy Open Exhibition when it was in Plas Mawr and have since been exhibited in many open exhibitions including at Mostyn, Theatr Clwyd and a solo exhibition in Oriel Mon.  She has regularly sold work in galleries and her silver jewellery that celebrates the natural world.

In the gallery is a selection of her silver jewellery, which is always popular based on nature and mountains and a selection of monotypes.

Harri Carmichael. 'Snowdonia I'    £65
Harri Carmichael, 'Snowdonia II'   £65
Harri Carmichael 'Snowdonia III'   £65
Harri Carmichael, 'Snowdonia IV.' £65
Harri Carmichael  'Snowdonia IV'  £65
Harri Carmichael, Silver Dandelion Ring. SOLD
Harri Carmichael. Bird Scull Silver Pendant.  SOLD
Harri Carmichael. Acorn Silver Pendant. SOLD
Harri Carmichael. Silver oak ring. £60
Harri Carmichael. Mokune penant with chain. £65
Harri Carmichael  Silver Mountain Ring    £55
Harri Carmichael.  Silver Mountain Pendant with Chain. SOLD
Harri Carmichael. Mokune silver and copper small square pendant. £45
Harri Carmichael. Mokune silver and gold pendant. £65
Harri Carmichael.


Ian Phillips is a Printmaker, living in Pennal, Gwynedd. His work specializes in portraying the wild landscape and seascapes of Wales, with a current emphasis on Snowdonia and the North Wales coast. 

Ian has been working with lino for almost 30 years. He originally completed an illustration degree and worked in London as an editorial illustrator. During this time, Ian discovered that being out in the landscape inspired him. He was motivated by the technique not the brief and became disillusioned with inventing illustrative content in the middle of a big city. In 2001 he moved to mid Wales to study the landscape and improve his relief printmaking technique.  

Ian’s printing process today starts, as it always has done; with a walk and a sketchbook. He follows lonely trails over empty hills; through twisting forests tracks; or along cliff side paths; waiting for colour, pattern and texture to catch his eye. Ian is looking for a finished composition he can use standing out in the landscape. Once he finds the right place to stand and the right direction to look he starts drawing. Once back in the studio the work consists of scaling up the image to size, drawing it out and starting the cut.

The printing of a linocut is all about pattern. The image may start life as a scribble in a sketchbook but as work commences with linoleum, the process becomes all about gouging and cutting to make marks.  These marks then create a picture through the suggestions of the texture of rock, or the patterns of water for example. Ian builds up patterns and textures to create the feel, mood and atmosphere for the landscape of which he walked.

Ian Phillips, 'Porth Towyn – Llyn Coastal Path.' £585
Ian Phillips. 'Cliff Edge' £285
Ian Phillips  'Journey Home'   £195
Ian Phillips  'Stone and Sea'  £485
Ian Phillips  'Mountain Light'   £485


Jane Williams works from a converted dairy on her fathers farm in South Meirionydd. She works on the wheel to produce both functional and sculptural home wares. Her influences are varied and broad ranging. The colours that decorate her pots are from the countryside which surrounds her (the magnificent Snowdonia peaks, the ever changing sea and bountiful sea shore) She is also hugely inspired by her love of vintage fabrics (in particular the 1950’s) and is fascinated by patterns in the natural world.

Her most recent work has returned to the sea for its inspiration. For this exhibition Jane has created these beautiful sharing platters in a positive way of looking forward and sharing food with family and friends. These have a coastal influence with traces of jellyfish being explored in the patterns. 

Jane is fascinated by the  colours and forms found ‘Ar Lan y Mor’ (‘By The Sea Shore'). These platters make wonderful gifts or a treat for yourself and are both practical and aesthetic.

Jane Williams. 'Sharing Bowls with black clay /  Powlenni Rhannu clai ddu.'   £75
Jane Williams, 'Sharing Bowls / Powlenni Rhannu.' Medium £75. Large £95


Judith Harrison is an established mixed media artist lives in Oswestry on the Welsh borders and exhibits locally and in galleries across Wales. She is a member of the Borderland Visual Arts network and takes part in their open studio events.

Judith is fascinated by the sombre colours and ever changing atmosphere of the Welsh landscape and its’ closely interwoven myths and legends as well as the surrounding man-made structures left behind by the ancient peoples. 

Her mixed media work often has a starting point of a collage of old book pages and pieces of unused collagraph prints. This is then covered with other materials such as paper, cloth and paint, sealed and then unified using a layer of oil ink. This layering process creates a complex and often dark picture which aims to capture the essence of the myth. 

These works have all been created this year since the early lockdown. Judith brings together ancient stories and folklore to the modern day from around the world in a body of work that brings meaning, offers balance and ultimately uplifts.

Judith is highly collectable and these works are well worth a view. Click on each picture for the individual story.

Judith Harrison, 'Circle Series I – Three Fish.' Mixed Media. Size: 53cm x 53cm. £400
Judith Harrison, 'Circle Series III – Yggdrasil – The Tree of Life.' 53cm x 53 cm £400
Judith Harrison, 'Feral Goats.' Mixed Media on Canvas. Framed Size: 43cm x 43cm. SOLD
Judith Harrison. 'The Return of the Dove.' Framed Mixed Media on Canvas. Size: 53cm x 53cm. £400
Judith Harrison, 'Chough', Mixed Media on Canvas. Framed Size: 43cm x 43cm. SOLD
Judith Harrison, 'Circle Series II – Seeking the Golden Bird.' Mixed Media. Size: 43 x 43 cm. £250


Katy Jones has been working as an artist since 2003, during this time she has exhibited and sold internationally as well illustrating a number of books and running art workshops. Currently based in Manchester, Katy is a regular visitor to the area for inspiration. Katy loves a story, especially fairy tales, myths and legends. We have many of these in the region. Nature is another source of inspiration. She enjoys walking in forests and exploring lonely sea shores as well as discovering historical places full of myth and legend.

Often using watercolour and coloured pencils, Katy enjoys painting scenes discovered in nature and from the imaginary that is often attached to an ancient story.

The recent works created since the lockdown for this exhibition shows Katy's view on the world in her subtle reflections. One can see the importance of caring for the natural world and the power of stories to help us find and explore deeper, less materialistic meanings in life. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Katy's positivity shows that collectively we can overcome anything!

These works are beautifully framed in a light oak. 

Katy Jones, 'Phoenix Feather II.' Framed Size: 30cm x 35cm. £164
Katy Jones, 'Phoenix Feather I.' Framed Size: 30cm x 35cm. £164
Katy Jones. 'Fiery Phoenix.' Framed Size: 34cm x 43cm. £354
Katy Jones. 'Phoenix Feather III.' Framed Size: 30cm x 35cm. £164
Katy Jones. 'Phoenix Feather IV.' Framed Size: 30cm x 35cm. £164
Katy Jones, 'Bramble Triptych.' Framed Size: 65cm x 37cm. £315
Katy Jones. 'Horse Chestnut Triptych.' Framed Size: 65cm x 37cm. £315
Katy Jones, 'Lepidopterist’s Rainbow.'   Framed Size: 34cm x 43cm. £235


Michèle Heidi Sutton is an artist based on the Llŷn Peninsula working in different mediums to create fine artworks and she also teaches creativity workshops and art therapy.

Michèle works are an imaginative interpretation of the natural world and our relationship to and with it. The rainbow mandala was created during the lock down. Every stitch made by hand. Perhaps a meditative process of journeying from the depths of darkness back into the light or searching for the light at the end of tunnel. The use of the linen tea-towel represents home. Where we all spent much of the year.

With the rainbow becoming a symbol for 2020, this mandala is one of the best renditions I've seen. Thrilled to have this work in the gallery. A must see to appreciate the fine detail.

Michèle Heidi Sutton, 'Spiral Rainbow Mandala' - close up
Michèle Heidi Sutton, 'Spiral Rainbow Mandala.' SOLD


Patricia Aspinall has somewhat rediscovered her love of painting since returning to the area a couple of years ago. Having studied a foundation course in art back in the 1980s in Bangor Patrica went onto Crewe and Alsager college to play around for three years on a Creative Arts Degree. She then went onto spend some years in Switzerland at a Rudolf Stainer Camphill for adults with learning disabilities. It is here that she put the Goethe theory of colour into her art practice. Before returning to North Wales, Patricia was based sown south nurturing and arts organisation for adults with learning disabilities called, ' Bloomin Arts'. 


Since returning she has been inspired to paint the local landscapes and there is so much inspiration to be had in the area with the surrounding sea and mountains. The lockdown provided a gateway for Patricia to focus on her painting and we are delighted to welcome her into the gallery as an emerging artist in the region. 

Patricia Aspinall, 'Blaenau Ffestiniog.'  Oil on canvas    Framed Size: 110cm x 60cm. £450
Patricia Aspinall, 'Sequence II - Sunset.'             Oil on canvas  Framed Size: 90cm x 40cm. £175
Patricia Aspinall, 'Sequence I - Sunrise'
Patricia Aspinall, 'The Gorse land' Oil on canvas. Framed Size: 28cm x 33cm. £65


Sarah was born and brought up in the Conwy Valley and now lives and works on the North Wales coast. Her studio, nestled between the beach and the Welsh hills, acts as an inspiration for her fused glasswork, creating a world of imagination, colour, vibrancy and texture. 

She produces high quality fused glass items, which can be functional, sculptural or simply decorative and is constantly exploring new design possibilities. Her creations provide a unique and enlightened touch to any living space, office or boardroom. 
Working primarily in Bullseye glass, Sarah enjoys the somewhat unpredictable aspect of glass, creating unique handmade pieces, utilising specialist techniques, including vitreous enamel, iridised & dichroic glass, metal inclusions as well as powdered glass, which are then fused in her glass kiln at temperatures in excess of 750 degrees.  

Fused glass responds so well to light, allowing for the creation of unique shadows & reflections with an added advantage that colours will never fade and pieces sit comfortably on window cills. 

In the gallery are a selection of fused glass waves and freestanding framed works inspired by the mountain ranges of Snowdonia.

Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Snowdonia – Yr Wyddfa – In Winter Wave.'  £105
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Snowdonia – Yr Wyddfa – In Summer Wave' £105
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, Tryfan in Winter Wave' £105
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Tryfan in Summer Wave. £105
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller,'Tryfan in Summer Infinity' £80
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Snowdonia – Yr Wyddfa – Infinity in Summer.' SOLD
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Tryfan in Winter Infinity.' £80
Sarah Kearsley-Wooller, 'Snowdonia – Yr Wyddfa – Infinity in Winter.'   £80


Shàn Ellis is a painter based in Llanfair near Harlech on the west coast of north Wales. Her artistic journey began in 1983 when she started a foundation course in Bangor with Peter Prendergast as her tutor. She went onto become a sign writer, illustrator and mural artist in the 1980s and continued her passion for painting in 2000 when she started studying Fine Art at Bangor University with teachers Noelle Griffiths and Maria Hayes on a lifelong learning course, whilst raising her own family. Since then she has become a master of painting in her own right and we are very excited to be showcasing her first solo exhibition at Oriel TŷMeirion.

Shàn is inspired by the ‘Natural Elements’ and had a successful solo exhibition here last year.

She is drawn to the colours, shapes, forms and shadows that surround her, and the beaches and mountains of north Wales create an abundance of inspiration. Shàn’s paintings are influenced by an emotional and evocative response to the landscape that lingers in her memory. This could be a complicated web of branches and roots or the dramatic skies of a sunset. Shàn will begin a work by drawing and often keeps returning to a location with her sketchpad. She will also take photographs to later develop her final piece in the studio.

Shàn usually works in acrylic on canvas or board and also likes to experiment with different media such as gouache, watercolour, ink, pastel, charcoal and collage for texture. Shàn works to capture the image that has caught her attention and transcend her emotional response through the meditative process of painting. This collection is timeless and shows the natural beauty of the landscape inspired by Shàn’s unique vision. 

Shàn Ellis, 'Strangled Post'  Llanfair.   £480
Shàn Ellis. 'Flood'  Maentwrog.    £500
Shàn Ellis. 'Slate' Cymorddin Slate Quarry. £850
Shàn Ellis, 'Sunset at Llandanwg.' £385


Tara Dean is an established artist in North Wales. Her work explores delicate layered images found in the landscape.

Tara works with different layers using print as a starting point. Working with paint, paper stencils, recycled paper and drawing – around which everything else revolves. Tara takes her inspiration from places she has travelled to; working from either original sketches or photographs.

Tara also facilitates and teaches on community workshops in a variety of settings and exploring different media. Tara is kindly donating 50% of the sale of 'Wireworks' to Age Cymru. This piece of work was inspired by trips to 

a residency at a Care Home with the project cARTrefu.

These are beautifully subtle a poetic works reflect the landscape and uplifting nature of Snowdonia. 

Tara Dean, 'Wirework' £250
Tara Dean  'Big Sky' £300
Tara Dean 'Looking Down'  £270


Terrence Bunce is a ceramicist inspired by nature; researching the natural rock forms and fauna of the mountains around his home in North Wales. He produces a fine range of pottery as well as sculptures. After studying BA hons ceramics at Cardiff School of Art he gained a first-class honours degree and masters at the University of Central Lancashire,  he has exhibited work in exhibitions and many of the major ceramic fairs across the UK. He continues to work from his home in North Wales.

This sequence of work has been inspired by the mountain ranges of Snowdonia where he has collected clay from the land itself to form the ingredients in these sculptural works.

Terrence Bunce, 'Chwarel' Thrown, carved and altered bottle. SOLD
Terrence Bunce, 'Rhinog Fawr' Ikebana, mountain rock vase, hand carved Kurinuki style. £190
Terrence Bunce, 'Rhinog Bach' Ikebana, mountain rock vase, hand carved Kurinuki style. £100
Terrence Bunce, 'Cnicht' Large Ikebana, mountain rock vase, hand carved Kurinuki style.  £290
Terrence Bunce, 'Oblong hand carved kurinuki pickle dish'  £40
Terrence Bunce. 'Small square, hand carved kurinuki pickle dish.' £30
Terrence Bunce. 'Square hand carved kurinuki lidded dish.' SOLD
Terrence Bunce, 'Crair' Slab built, carved and textured bottle. SOLD
Terrence Bunce, 'Rugged rock form hand carved kurinuki pot' SOLD
Terrence Bunce, 'Mwg Bach' £30
Terrence Bunce, 'Mwg Mawr'   £40
Terrence Bunce, 'Rugged rock form thrown, carved and altered beer mug.'£40
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Tara Dean 'Looking Down'  £270

Original hand printed screen print 1/1. Paper and drawn stencils. Framed Size: 48.5 x 39cm