Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Diana visually represents non-visual fragments of experience - often auditory and kinaesthetic - momentary thoughts and memories. She takes inspiration from many sources, including visual references, and has developed an abstract expressionist style of painting reflecting her character and need to search for the  ‘intangible’ in life.

In her bold and experimental engagement with various materials Diana can be quite destructive during the creative process, frequently finding that the end stages of a painting actually only begins after this destructive phase. The first few years of her practice centred around colourful purely abstract paintings, and she rarely knew what her paintings were about until they were complete. More recently, and influenced by her representational sketches, her purely abstract works have developed into semi-abtract landscapes, encouraging her to play between the boundaries of pure representation and pure abstraction.

Diana holds a Masters in Art Practice and exhibits internationally with worldwide collectors.