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Emma Barley

Emma Barley (Mima)  is an established artist, having an MA in Photography from the University of West London and a 1st Class (BA hons) in Photography and Digital Imaging with New Media Journalism.  Emma has exhibited both nationally and internationally and founded the Oriel Tŷ Meirion art gallery in 2018 to offer a platform to support fellow artists and showcase art from the region and beyond.

The 'Ghost ship' series explores our coastal waters on low tide. The idea of boats from the past lost to the sea are somehow brought back to life through rotating the reflections for display. Journeys of past, present and future begin to come to life on the gallery walls with memories and adventures intertwined for the reader to explore. This is an ongoing body of work that initially started in 2017 and founded the idea for this exhibition title, 'Turning Tide / Llanw a Thrai'

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