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Ffion Gwyn
Painting / Paentio

Ffion Gwyn is a local artist inspired by the local flora and fauna of North Wales. 

Ffion has compiled a beautiful series of illustrative paintings inspired by nature. Ffion’s influences include Victorian botanical illustration, such as the works of Williams Morris and early depictions of wildlife in watercolour. Ffion also has a love of language, which is also an integral part of her work, with species categorised using Welsh, and bilingual terms. Etymology plays a fascinating part in her journey of discovery, resulting in interesting discoveries in the origins of these used terms. In addition, she enjoys researching the remarkable folklore connected to the species studied, and regional differences in Welsh terminology. 


It is clear to see that Ffion uses her passion for nature and art to document, research and marvel at the smaller things that are often taken for granted or missed. Her inspiration stems from the urge to re-kindle that childlike sense of inquisitiveness and the questioning and reasoning behind natures gems as well as finding calm during this unsettled time. Ffion’s reflection on nature in her illustrations and paintings are truly inspirational, giving one a refreshed enthusiasm to marvel at the wonderous creations in the natural landscape and our gardens. 

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