Painting / Paentio

Gill was born in Essex and studied fine art at Waltham Forest School of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts London. She worked as an apprentice milliner for a while and then in theatre costume and design. Since living on the Welsh border for many years she has taught art in further education, been part of several artists’ cooperatives and helped set up Borderland Visual Arts which is a North Shropshire artists’ network. 

Much of Gill’s work is concerned with abandoned quarries and mines mostly in North Wales and on the Cornish coast. In addition, many drawings and paintings are fuelled by a fascination with prehistoric sites, the mystery which surrounds them and in the stones which were once an integral part of peoples’ lives.

Gill loves to draw rocks with their beautiful fine lines and dark spaces She loves the textures, strength, rhythms that run through them and the feeling of sacred connection to the earth.

Working mainly in acrylic and collage from memory of a previous experience – probably through walking in the landscape, she develops the artwork in an intuitive way finding connections to possible patterns of life in times gone by.

Artworks have been shown mostly in Wales, the Midlands and Welsh borderlands but also in Germany and Italy.

During the beginning of 2020 Gill walked some of the ancient tracks and moorlands of the Rhinogydd…….guided by Jean Napier’s wonderful book. Gill finds the area an awe inspiring region full of ancient stones and mystery. Gill had intended to come back and explore more but then the covid restrictions came! 

The work here is either from that direct experience or from previous occasions when walking through ancient landscapes and along tracks leading to Neolithic sites  -  notably Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire. It was here that someone wearing red passed behind the stones and strangely this gave Gill a strong feeling of connection with the past. One of the paintings is based on this experience.