Painting / Paentio

A highly driven artist, Holly has sought to paint a diverse range of settings within her local environment of Ellesmere, Shropshire. From the town’s tattoo studio to local hair salons, and sporting events.

Within the sentiment of “Love where you live”, the artist seeks to celebrate light with contrast and colour to intensify the moment.  

Holly tends to work in series, and has recently extended her painting to include the mountains and coastline of Snowdonia of which she feels strongly connected to 

The artist describes her route to becoming a full time artist as unconventional, with a series of influences, turning points and shifts in life. Having studied art/art history at A’ level, she chose a career in the education sector whilst forging a parallel path in both exhibiting and demonstrating textile art. The draft work for this, in the form of drawing, became a necessary tool for Holly to express her love of exploring mountains. At this point, she was fortunate to receive two years mentoring, and a big shift into painting.

However, the biggest shift of all came with physical ill health and in 2019 she gave up the day job to become a full time artist. The conversion has been challenging but Holly believes that the process has made her more focussed as a painter and is excited about pushing the boundaries within her work. What you see on display here, is the artist capturing the excitement of those well and truly loving where they live.

The Hurly Burly in Barmouth draws swimmers from across the UK and Holly has captured the energy and movement to this exciting event in her new body of work. We are thrilled to welcome Holly to the gallery for the first time.