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Joanne Dale
Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Process is important to Joanne, and she works with a materials such as past work, text, found objects, found paper and waste materials. Often these elements are sewn together to create seams and texture. These materials are carefully composed to form a collage which is her preferred starting point. Layers of plaster and other fillers are applied then sanded back in a process of creating and destroying. Inks and other wet media are applied between layers.

Joanne’s work is open to chance allowing random and unexpected compositions to slowly reveal themselves. She looks for connections, texture, line, colour and shape that begin to appear on the surface that may develop into an abstract work. 

The word ‘Outside’ and the word ‘Edge’ can have many interpretations, from the physical literal meaning to the more ephemeral. Joanne finds the idea of ‘Edges’ interesting, quite literally the edge of something both visible and hidden can inform all kinds of thoughts, feelings that can lead to ideas and exploration. She often finds herself looking at the edges of paintings; such as the discarded edge that wraps around the frame. Sometimes that can reveal the process, the history of the work. Likewise, ‘Outside’ is an interesting concept. For this body of work Joanne has explored Boundaries, Beginnings, Endings and Stories from both the natural and built environment.    

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