KK Sharma is an artist and poet.  She is a member of the Aberystwyth (now zoom based) poetry workshop, Word Distillery, and also joint Poetry Editor of Aberystwyth EGO magazine.  These three poems were written in response to two visits to Ynys Enlli in 2014 and 2019.  Ruins at Enlli was also written especially for this exhibition.


Ruins at Enlli

KK Sharma

If you are thirsty 


enter by a low door

upon a yellow-orchid pasture

and breathe more surely

beneath the unhurried sun

untangling tendrils

scarring the salt-pillar cross – 

and along a shifting strand

harmonise with the hoary seal’s whistle

home to an ancient moment

hearing the voice of many waters

wash the pebbles with praise 


from Pen-y-Cil

KK Sharma

…island of the tides

where ebb and flow mingle

and smoke spray dies

over cut-wire cliffs…

but here -  

from Pen-y Cil

below charcoal-smudged horizons

pilgrims wash themselves in the wind

and waver into rippled space

losing all mass in the thickening squall

gusts disfigure their open mouths

arms flail to catch distance in a knapsack

skeletal minds fly-off westerly 

seeking a kraal

and here

Enlli arises

shoe-like from a fairy tale

hem of her cloak 

veiling all loss

in a wrinkle 

of silence


to Ynys Enlli

KK Sharma

shadowed by the nun who wrecked the garden

shouldered by a floodtide -

weightless upon water 

wavering around seal echo

demurring the friendly colony

shivering over sea pinks

up an ankle-rocky path

flecking though the butter-grass

ushered by a flapping kite

vanishing into violet

at skyline’s passage -

to Ynys Enlli