Embroidery / Brodwaith

Michele’s top half is Swiss and her bottom half grew roots in Norfolk. After studying in Oxford she worked in community arts before running away to rural Wales with her young family to become a self-employed artist and educator. Michele has worked with women’s groups since the 1980s and her long established affinity with feminism prompted her to put on North Wales’ first ever production of the Vagina Monologues in Porthmadog in 2003.

Once her children were grown she qualified as an Aromatherapy Masseuse and studied Integrative Arts in Health with Dryw. Michele currently lives on the Llyn Peninsula between the Irish sea and the mountains of Snowdonia where she works as a Creativity Coach and Workshop Facilitator. She is also an obsessive beach comber and litter picker.

Seed Song Dance was originally conceived as a book project. It lay dormant for many years before recently being re-conceived as a wall hanging. It is very much an ‘old road,’ describing the journey of a long- buried seed which bursts into new life, transformed by unexpected ground disturbance. After 25 years of living in the middle of a field, Michele feels that she has also undergone something of a transformation having recently relocated to the urban metropolis of Criccieth.

After several years wandering through a wilderness of ill health and depression Michele began using indigenous plants, rust, and found objects to create a series of sketches which helped to make sense of who she had become. 

Earth Song is the result of many hours of ‘mindful stitching’ which Michele describes as her attempt to rediscover her place in the world and to reconnect with the earth. By repetitive, mindful, hand stitching; working into the cloth she had reclaimed and hand dyed, and by allowing the thread to guide her, she found she was able to map her struggle in a very physical way ... eventually finding a path through the labyrinth and out the other side. 

Michele’s artistic adventure is an ongoing exploration of birth, life, death and transformation by way of mythology and imagination. She loves to experiment with a variety of different media and says that learning new techniques stimulates and enhances her creative journey. Her motivation is curiosity and she considers herself an avid anti-specialist.