Sculpture / Cerfluniau

Naomi is a contemporary realist sculptor based in Swansea. Naomi works in clay, the clay sculptures are then kiln fired or cast into bronze, bronze resin or a high-quality plaster as limited-edition pieces.

Naomi initially trained in sculpture at Carmarthen and has been working as an artist specializes in figurative work for over 20 years. She finds her inspiration in the surrounding welsh landscape and local communities. Her passionate approach to her work combined with her technical skills produces gentle, but subtly powerful sculptures which expresses the essence of the subject.

‘The Fisherman Wives’ and ‘The Cockle Lady’ are historical portraits highlighting some of the traditional roles of women. These quite possibly highlight some of the unpaid labour by women that would have gone towards sustaining fisheries and fishing communities. Naomi has included lots of intricate details in these works and the figures seem to come alive with many stories to be told.

Naomi is also interested in ancient folklore and myth. Mermaids have many connotations to ancient folklore and this sample of work captivates and draws the viewer to join their journey and hear their song. 

Herons can be spotted regularly in the region, especially on the tidal estuaries of the Mawddach and Dwyryd where the river meets the sea. This wall plaque is a great sample of Naomi’s interactions and observations with nature. We are thrilled to welcome Naomi back to the gallery as a returning artist. All these works are made from bronze resin and are all small editions.