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Oleksandra Davydenko
Mixed Media

Oleksandra Davydenko was born in 1997 in Kyiv, Ukraine.  In 2017, she graduated from an art school specializing in weaving.  In 2021, she graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Kyiv.  Since May 2022, she has been living with her family in North Wales due to war with Russia.


Since 2022, she has taken part in several exhibitions in North Wales. This is what Oleksandra says about her art.


"I work in two directions - woven art and ink art. In my woven works, I try to convey the beauty of the surrounding world, its richness and colors. In the ink paintings, the lack of color helps me depict a world saturated with various events . In them I reflect what I pay attention to such as quaint trees, cute buildings and people or animals in the windows, paths and fields.


What inspires me? It is mainly the surrounding world. I like to walk and look at nature... Birds, animals, trees, bushes, mountains, rivers, seas, lakes ... it's all very interesting, diverse and inspiring. In my ink drawings, I do not try to depict the exact place and the exact event (but sometimes it happens), so my drawings are a collective image of what I see."


This collection features Oleksandra's ink works and one tapestry.


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