SOLD - Blaen y Cae

SOLD - Blaen y Cae

Blaen y Cae


Blaen y Cae, with its characteristic Scots pine markers, sits at the start of the Bwich Tyddiad pass south west of Trawsfynydd. Now abandoned, it was once an important overnight stop on the cattle trail out of Wales. These drovers Inns offered little in the way of comfort for the drover but did provide a safe enclosed pasture for the cattle. These small fields remain fertile to this day and are often a brighter green because of

the nutrient effects of a century of dung.


The farm was last occupied about 200 years ago and is now in a bad state of repair but still does contain many domestic relics including old bottles, pictures and a decaying but nevertheless charming grandfather clock.


Mixed Media


Framed Size: 53cm x 53cm