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St Tanwg’s Church, Llandanwg

St Tanwg’s Church, Llandanwg

Judith Harrison


St Tanwg’s Church, Llandanwg


The Port of Pensarn at the mouth of Afron Arturo is  at least medieval, if not earlier. It was then the best anchorage in North Wales with excellent connections into the heart of Britain along the tracks and roads left by the ancient celts and Romans. This is where, it is thought, some of the missionaries sent from Ireland by St Patrick in the 5th Century landed and

built their first church in the sand dunes out of stones from the beach before spreading out into the rest of the country. The Church has been in almost continual service since then although much built on and modified. An ancient and impressive gravestone made out of rock from the Wicklow Hills was found in the graveyard giving support to the Irish connection. Other significant relics suggest that the church was a place of real importance in the early Christian community.


Mixed Media


Framed Size: 43 cm x 43cm



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