Sally Ellis born in 1971 and raised amongst the disused quarries, lakes and ancient woodlands in and around Snowdonia completely surrounded and inspired by its pure rugged beauty. She studied Art Foundation in St Mary's college Bangor during the 80’s and has continued to develop her creative practice and maintained her artistic skills throughout her life. These days Sally has much more time to dedicate to her work and the results are blossoming. From various commissioned works to being part of mixed and solo exhibitions she has built up a large body of private collectors far and wide.

Her preferred medium is Watercolour and ink. She also produces artworks using a variety of other mediums,  techniques and subject matters, such as her portrayals of some old welsh sayings and their origins, which have always intrigued her since childhood and inspired her to produce these pieces with the will to set them in stone and preserve these sayings for future generations.

Sally is also renowned for her popular imaginative and meditative botanical art, which grows from her mindscape and her artistic core with the intention to evoke the natural rhythms of our language and our wild landscape with the hope that her works trigger ones imagination to weave away from the mundane and familiar.