Painting / Paentio

Shàn is a painter based in Llanfair near Harlech on the west coast of north Wales. Her artistic journey began in 1983 when she started a foundation course in Bangor with Peter Prendergast as her tutor. She went onto become a sign writer, illustrator and mural artist in the 1980s and continued her passion for painting in 2000 when she started studying Fine Art at Bangor University with teachers Noelle Griffiths and Maria Hayes on a lifelong learning course, whilst raising her own family. Since then she has become a master of painting in her own right and we are thrilled to welcome Shàn back to the gallery following her very successful solo exhibition in 2019.

Shàn is drawn to the colours, shapes, forms and shadows that surround her, and the beaches and mountains of north Wales create an abundance of inspiration. Shàn’s paintings are influenced by an emotional and evocative response to the landscape that lingers in her memory. This could be a complicated web of branches and roots or the dramatic skies of a sunset. Shàn will begin a work by drawing and often keeps returning to a location with her sketchpad. She will also take photographs to later develop her final piece in the studio.

Shàn usually works in acrylic on canvas or board and also likes to experiment with different media such as gouache, watercolour, ink, pastel, charcoal and collage for texture. Shàn works to capture the image that has caught her attention and transcend her emotional response through the meditative process of painting. This collection is timeless and shows the natural beauty of the landscape inspired by Shàn’s unique vision. All of these works are based at Llandanwg.