Sophie Turner is an artist, ceramicist and a jewellery designer. She moved from North London to the west coast of Wales in 1999, after graduating from Middlesex University with a degree in three-dimensional design, specialising in ceramics.


  The origin of her work stems from a fascination with nature, focusing on forms of protection within the natural world. What is often presented on the outside doesn’t always represent what’s really inside.

  Ultimately, its purpose is to protect the life form, or the potential for life that’s so very integral for its survival and existence.

  Within her ceramic work she takes this concept and plays on the idea of the individual and personality.  Self-image and behaviour are often a form of protection, whose function maybe to draw your attention, or to go unnoticed or to push you away. Ultimately it is to protect our inner fragility.

  This concept also strongly resonates onto the larger platform of politics, reminding us to always look deeper and never take the narrative at face value.