Ceramic / Seramig

Terrence Bunce is a ceramicist inspired by nature; researching the natural rock forms and fauna of the mountains and coastline around his home in North Wales. Terrence produces a fine range of pottery and sculpture. 

Typically, Terrence makes work that rebels against the endless cacophony of mass-produced products that are increasingly permeating our world. He uses a variety of techniques to produce pottery. To decorate the pieces, he uses locally inspired glazes and gathers clay and minerals from the mountains of Snowdonia, firing mainly by reduction. The local landscape provides much inspiration and his work often reflects his love of Japanese pottery. Terrence has a 1st Class BA (hons) in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art and also a Masters, which he gained at the University of Central Lancashire. He continues to work from his home studio in North Wales.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, cattle drovers who were herding large numbers of animals to markets as far away as London’s Smithfield would cross the Migneint moors.  The cattle would be driven with large dogs across this barren, boggy landscape. The roadways across the moors have influenced Bunce’s work on many occasions and in this exhibition he looks at pathways, bridges, and standing stones that the drovers would have used to navigate their way across this bleak piece of land. 

He uses clay and minerals taken from the moor to make slips and glazes that enhance the texture of the sculptured piece. They are then fired in the kiln to a temperature of 1300c in a reduction atmosphere.