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Ocean Water

 Turning Tide /
Llanw a Thrai

On Now - 28 October 2023

A mixed exhibition inspired by the ebb and flow of the turning tides on our coastal shores and the communities that reside within these spaces. A moment in time to enjoy the rhythm of our tides, to connect to nature and a desire to collectively help to preserve this precious landscape and habitats for future generations to come. The artist line-up includes:​


Alison Holt - Embroidery / Brodwaith

Christopher T. Roberts - Painting / Peintio

Emma Barley - Photography / Ffotograffiaeth

Ian Phillips - Printmaking / Argraffu

Jane Muir Barraclough - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Jane Williams - Pottery / Crochenwaith

Julian Brasington - Printmaking / Argraffu

Kate Pigram - Painting / Peintio

Ken Bridges - Painting / Peintio

Linda Barlow - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Naomi Bunker - Sculpture / Cerflunio

Piera Cirefice - Painting / Peintio

Rob Thompson - Line and Wash / Lein a Golch

Valerie Land - Painting / Peintio​


The order of works are displayed below as if you are walking around the exhibition in the gallery. All works can be purchased online and collection arranged at the gallery. If you would like an item posted please contact us to arrange to delivery. The gallery opening times can be viewed on the home page and we also offer private views too. Enjoy!​​

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