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 Turning Tide /Llanw a Thrai 

19 August - 28 October 2023

This was a mixed exhibition inspired by the ebb and flow of the turning tides on our coastal shores and the communities that reside within these spaces. A moment in time to enjoy the rhythm of our tides, to connect to nature and a desire to collectively help to preserve this precious landscape and habitats for future generations to come.


The artist line-up included:​ 

Alison Holt - Embroidery / Brodwaith

Christopher T. Roberts - Painting / Peintio

Emma Barley - Photography / Ffotograffiaeth

Ian Phillips - Printmaking / Argraffu

Jane Muir Barraclough - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Jane Williams - Pottery / Crochenwaith

Julian Brasington - Printmaking / Argraffu

Kate Pigram - Painting / Peintio

Ken Bridges - Painting / Peintio

Linda Barlow - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg

Naomi Bunker - Sculpture / Cerflunio

Piera Cirefice - Painting / Peintio

Rob Thompson - Line and Wash / Lein a Golch

Valerie Land - Painting / Peintio​ ​

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