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Dafydd Davis MBE
Painting / Paentio

Dafydd is more commonly known for his outdoor work as a climber, runner and mountain biker. He is a renowned trail designer involved with ground breaking work on trail planning, design and construction. He has worked extensively all over the world and was awarded an MBE for his work in the UK.  He is well known locally for designing the trail at Coed-y-Brenin.​


Not all things go to plan and Dafydd discovered painting when he was a long terms patient at a mental health hospital. These paintings are his attempts to reconnect to the landscape where he grew up, ran, climbed and walked, with a focus on rock, light and weather. Painting has had a powerful therapeutic effect on him helping him live a better life with his mental health condition.


He is inspired by the strong sense of place that he feels in the landscape around him and in particular the way that rocks shape the landscape. Primarily though it is his love of the landscape of his home, his ‘cynefin’, that drives him to want to share it with others.  

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