Painting / Paentio

Ffion Gwyn is a local artist inspired by the local flora and fauna of North Wales. This collection was created during the late Summer and early Autumn lockdown during 2020. Ffion had the opportunity to explore the local beaches, including the remote areas surrounding the mouth of the river Dwyfor. She documented her journeys through photographs and sketches, and then created her paintings with oil paints and a pallet knife in the studio. 

Ffion felt very lucky to have such an abundance of beauty close to her home. The birds became of particular interest to observe their daily routines; including their movements and habits, which encapsulate their beauty with an aim to capture their sense of freedom and coastal habitat. Ffion’s reflection on nature in her paintings are truly inspirational, giving one a refreshed enthusiasm to marvel at the wonderous creations in the natural landscape. These paintings feed the soul for both the artist and reader bringing a sense of peace, calm and hope.

The smaller sketches are a reminder of the child like inquisitiveness felt when witnessing the beauty of nature, which continues to inspire her in adult life. We also have the postcards available from the Children’s Welsh Alphabet series, which are available as individual postcards or as a set. We are happy to welcome Ffion back to the gallery as a returning artist.