Only one edition left - Taith Ardudwy - Unframed

Only one edition left - Taith Ardudwy - Unframed

Iain Davidson


Taith Ardudwy


This print was inspired by a visit to Meirionnydd after I had first visited Oriel Tŷ Meirion. Mima told me about the Ardudwy Way, a route based on the old drove

roads that criss-cross the hills above Dyffryn Ardudwy. These ancient ways speak to my fascination with history, and those who have gone before us and I envisaged a print looking down on the area and highlighting some of its landmarks, both ancient and modern.


I wanted to embed signs of the past in the image and had the idea of carving the names into the landscape itself. While I could find no specific Welsh Celtic script,

the Ogham and Runic alphabets often recurred in my research, so I settled on these as a way of depicting place names. As the Ogham characters have specific

associations with certain trees I also used them to represent wooded areas in the landscape where ash, oak and birch grow, as well as the pine trees that marked vital places of refuge for the drovers who used these routes years ago.


The Ardudwy Way itself is represented by a gold vein running through the rugged terrain of Meirionnydd, an acknowledgement of the mineral riches that brought

people to this beautiful area of the country.


My other prints in the exhibition – Bryn Cader Faner, Pont Scethin and Cerrig Arthur – take a closer look at some of the key sights on the Ardudwy Way.


Reduction Linocut


Unframed Size: 41cm x 54cm

Framed Size: 48cm x 62cm


Framed: £225 - SOLD

Unframed: £150 - Available