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Sue Barnes
Ceramics / Serameg

Sue Barnes is a self taught artist who works predominantly in ceramics. Sue originally studied Mathematics and became a secondary school teacher and taught in universities after gaining her PhD in Pure Mathematics. However, the need to be creative has been a significant thread in Sue's life while expression was limited until she took early retirement and moved to North Wales. Sue has taken many creative short courses in a variety of media and ceramics has forced its way to the front although she still works in other formats. 


Sue enjoys the 'hands on' creativity of clay, marvelling at how her hands seem to know what to do while her head looks on. She is repeatedly amazed by what she can create, inspired by the natural and historic land that she lives in. Her practice has developed towards figurative pieces, hares and seagulls are a favourite and many other creatures from time to time while functional pieces provide the canvas for experimenting with glazes in particular.

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