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Photography / Ffotograffiaeth

Emma (also known as Mima) originally trained in London and holds a Masters and 1st Class BA (hons) in Photography. She has exhibited in New Zealand and the UK and gains her current inspiration from her connection to the landscape and nature through the process of walking.

Emma moved to Wales in 2017 where she founded the Oriel Tŷ Meirion gallery as an artist led project, which has been opened to the public and supporting artists since 2018 through a programme of exhibitions, events and residencies. The exhibition themes focus mainly on landscape, nature, environment, local heritage, folklore, and other stories from the region.


Emma is currently exploring the seasons of the Taith Ardudwy and surrounding landscape for a photographic book amongst other projects. Each photograph in this series has an Ordnance Survey Grid reference, which has become a signature style and encourages the reader to explore the landscape for themselves. 


Wales / Cymru
Journey / Taith

New Zealand

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