Photography / Ffotograffiaeth

Mima grew up in Worcestershire and has been practising photography since she was 10 years old. She holds a Masters in Photography and 1st Class BA (hons) from the University of West London in Ealing and has a creative background of working in advertising and the arts. Mima has lived overseas in Australia and New Zealand and became a permanent resident in New Zealand in 2011. She returned to the UK in 2015 following a cancer scare and went onto spend a couple of years experiencing island life on St Martin’s on the Isles of Scilly before moving to Wales in 2017 and founding the Oriel Tŷ Meirion art gallery amongst other projects.

Mima is inspired by her surrounding landscape and discovering new places. She is fascinated by the history and culture of Wales and is currently learning the Welsh language, which is adding a richness and understanding to her experience of living in Wales.

The series of her new photographs, which is a growing body of work follows local ancient routes that were once used as old coach roads and by the Drover’s taking their beasts to the Shires and onto London. Mima has added Ordnance Survey grid references as titles to the photographs to encourage the viewer to explore the old trails and discover the landscapes for themselves. All the walkways are located close by to the gallery or a short drive/bike ride away.