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Julian Brasington

Julian is an artist printmaker and poet. He was born in Bethesda and grew up in Reading. He trained as an architect at the Welsh School of Architecture, and studied further at the University of London, Aberystwyth University, and Aston University. Prior to taking up printmaking he worked in publishing, social work, and higher education. He lives in Llanfairfechan.

Julian’s work draws upon the landscape, seascape, and architecture of North Wales. He works predominantly in grey lino and with highly polished wood blocks, engraving or carving these with hand-held gouges. He describes the process of ‘sculpting’ a piece as one of ‘erasure and discovery — a digging down to find things.’ He presses his work by hand using a silver spoon and a baren and prints using oil-based inks onto archival papers such as Somerset and Awagami.


His poetry has been widely published in anthologies, magazines, and in the national press. He draws upon it to create visual poems and is driven to play with words as much as with marks.

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