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The exhibition is on now until Sunday 5th January 2020.

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David W.J. Lloyd completed a degree in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art in the early 1990s. He went onto work in the BBC and was involved in photography, production and other forms of media, which is an influence to his current body of work. David has exhibited  across the UK and sold to private collections around the world.

The series in the gallery focuses on tales from Annwn, the Welsh otherworld of the Mabinogion. These images draw their spirit from old Welsh tales, mythology and utilise locations from both Snowdonia, transmogrified into striking and mysterious new compositions.

David has always been fascinated by atmospherics, strong sunlight shining under leaden skies, harsh contrasts, narrative compositions and theatrical lighting. There is an element of darkness to his work, but also humour and lightness. After all in Annwn, everything is fine!



Ffion is an artist based in North Wales and is well known for her botanical illustrations. Ffion enjoys researching and local folklore and has produced a series of paintings based on the Red Piper of the Black Caves near Criccieth and also a sequence of love spoons. In North Wales there is a tradition that the male would spend hours carving a love spoon with his own hands in the hope that the girl of his dreams would accept it . If the girl accepted the spoon it would commence a relationship. This tradition spreads to different cultures but Wales is well known for its intricate designs.

These paintings are created in oils.



Flora currently works from her print workshop in West Wales. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) and is currently doing an MA in Fine Art at Aberystwyth School of Art.

In the gallery is a selection of etchings that evoke a single charmed moment out of time, a magical vision that stills. The scene is our ancient and enchanted landscape, roamed by guardian spirit-like animals, shadowed by woods where the holly springs green amongst the bare oaks and beeches. 

Flora is inspired by the fairy tales she grew up reading and the enchanted landscape of Wales.



Harri Carmichael is an Artist and Jeweller living, and working in her home studio, on Anglesey.
She has a BA in Fine Art and HND in Jewellery.
Her multidisciplinary practice uses a wide variety of materials suggested to her by the inspiration for the piece.
Her, mainly silver, jewellery celebrates the natural world and magical energy of Anglesey with its prehistoric rock art and links to ancient Druidry.  Wonder tales and connections to earth based belief systems weave through her inspiration.



Ian Phillips is a Printmaker, living in Pennal, Gwynedd. His work specializes in portraying the wild landscape and seascapes of Wales, with a current emphasis on Snowdonia and the North Wales coast. 

Ian has been working with lino for over twenty-five years. He originally completed an illustration degree and worked in London as an editorial illustrator. He moved to Wales in 2001 and has been practising as a printmaker here ever since.



Iona is a local crafter and has created a selection of designs exclusively for this exhibition. The adult knitwear includes a ranges of shawls, snoods, and hats made from natural yarn.



Jane Williams is a potter working from a converted dairy on her fathers farm in South Meirionydd. She works on the wheel to produce both functional and sculptural home wares. Her influences are varied and broad ranging. 

Jane reached the semi-final in the first series of BBC 2’s ‘Great Pottery Throw Down.’  (2015). Jane has created a series from the story of Branwen exclusively for this exhibition.



The inspiration forJudith's work usually starts in the Celtic landscapes of Scotland and Wales with the animals and people, real and imaginary, which inhabit it. The work is primarily narrative and aims to superimpose the myth into the landscape and the ancient onto the visible relic. 

Her work wanders between printmaking/Collagraphs and mixed media with collage. Both techniques rely on texture from materials such as scraps of paper and cotton to give a semi abstract interpretation which is then completed with oil printing ink either as a print on paper or a completed piece.  

Judith is a member of the Borderland Visual Arts network. 

Much of the work in the gallery is inspired by The Mabinogion, a collection of old traditional Welsh tales eventually combined into a single volume by Lady Charlotte Guest in the mid 19th Century.



Karen is stitching again after a hiatus of 10 years. The theme of folklore and fairy-tale struck a chord and Karen's preferred way of working is to use archetypal imagery and symbols.

Karen works in layers, the hand dyed ground fabric, followed by mark making with stencils, stamps and more dye.  The overlay of sheer fabrics; the free machine embroidery and finally the hand stitching; the slow stitch which results in the imagery; the feel of a palimpsest and of a journey, of what was and what may be.



Katherine works as an illustration artist, which brings together her deep love of story and folklore with her interest in the natural world and our relationship to it. Katherine captures the magic of storytelling in her work.

Katherine has worked extensively with the History Press on their Folktales of Britain and Ireland Series. Katherine primarily works in watercolours and inks, but also explores in mixed media and collage.

We have a selection of original works, prints and cards in the gallery by Katherine.



Katy loves stories, especially fairy tales, myths and legends. Katy often works as a book illustrator with a preference for creating images of fantastical creatures and mysterious other worlds. 

Nature is another source of inspiration for Katy. Walking in forests and exploring lonely sea shores are some of her favourite things to do. Katy believes strongly in the importance of caring for the natural world. This includes resisting a consumerist attitude to life which costs the planet and all its inhabitants dearly. Katy also believes in the power of stories to help us find and explore deeper, less materialistic meanings in life. Katy has created some beautiful paintings exclusively for this exhibition, which are available as originals, prints and gift cards.



Based on ancient rock carvings this group ceramic pieces have been informed by drawings from Ynys Mon, Cymru.  Kirsti is intrigued by the fact that humans have created art works from the earliest times, but we can't explain the meanings behind these symbols. The carvings do not replicate, but are influenced by the spirit of the particular carvings of each site. 
The set of Artefacts are based on objects such as axeheads and mace-heads that are found in burial hoards. The objects were not necessarily for use, but created for ceremonies and status. Kirsti has made each small enough to be held in the hand featuring carving and decoration influenced by tools, jewellery and ceramic vessels.



Les is a woodturner based in Bala and  is the only professionally registered woodturner working in the Snowdonia National Park, having joined the Register of Professional Turners (RPT), after a rigorous process of application and subsequent approval, in 2016. The RPT is supported by the “Worshipful Company of Turners”, one of the longest established craft guilds still functioning today.

Les has created a special selection exclusively for our current exhibition.



Lucy's  jewellery is inspired by the natural world. The landscape in particular has a strong influence on the concept of her designs, but psychologically and emotionally it is the ancient world of Talismanic potency that inhabits the finished pieces.
Lucy views jewellery as a magical element in life, and as an enduring energy reaching beyond this life, as did people of the ancient world. This element of her work has been enhanced by living and working in the atmospheric landscape of Wales, imbued with its traditions and history.
Design is the pivotal dictate of her work. Sketchbooks are used to ‘think on paper’ and designs developed to a stage whereby a prototype is often made.   Landscape contributes to her vision through an awareness of land mass balanced against sky, the perspective of diminishing rural roads and the sculptural statement of trees.
In tandem with creating her own jewellery Lucy also teaches jewellery making to all levels of ability in her workshop.
We have a beautiful selection of work in the gallery by Lucy.



Miriam is a maker. She enjoys creating beautiful and decorative objects which are often inspired by her surroundings on a small farm in North Wales. 

Farming is an important element which influences her work, and Miriam  takes inspiration from rope tying’s which are interpreted strongly within her products through binding coloured thread and inlaying them into the wood.

Some of her work is created from reclaimed timber or her own off cuts from other projects and later turned into beautiful objects with a purpose and meaning once more. 

Nothing goes to waste in the process of making, with the wood shavings being re used under the chickens on the farm. 

Miriam's work is simple, colourful, tactile and decorative. Miriam aims to celebrate the natural beauty of wood through adding a hint of colour to attract the eye to it’s simple form.



Naomi Bunker is a realist sculptor based in South Wales.
Naomi specializes in figurative work and finds her inspiration in the Welsh landscape. Her passionate approach to her work combined with her technical skills produces gentle, yet subtly powerful sculptures, which expresses the essence of her subjects.
In the gallery are beautiful mix of bronze works, bronze resin and ceramics.



Nerys is a professional printmaker and has  been lecturing printmaking and art and design for the last ten years. 

Nerys likes to experiment and combine different techniques such as collagraph, intaglio dry-point etching, lino-cut and wood-cut. She loves living in the beautiful countryside of north wales, and her work is inspired by surrounding old architecture, mountains, and the sea.

Nerys has created a new collection of work exclusively for the Folklore and Fairytales of North Wales exhibition.



Remy is a local artist and author of a dozen published books and more than fifty features in national newspapers and magazines. He is also a Creative Consultant in Education for the Arts Council of Wales, a story-teller, lecturer on art and folklore, and hosts creative workshops.
Remy's latest novel, ‘THIS’, is the first in an epic fantasy-fairy-tale trilogy, THIS, THAT and THE OTHER, inspired by local folklore and, written with Zel Cariad as creative consultant, is his first book for children and young adults. 
He is a regular contributor at FolkLoreThursday.com, a film critic for FrameRated.co.uk, editor of The Signifier (an arts publication for Medium) and is co-editor of the literary e-zine, ‘Scrawl’ (recognised by The National Library of Wales, in 2016, as having ‘significant heritage value’).
Works by Remy Dean have recently been exhibited at Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Oriel Ynys Môn, Llangefni, Plas Tan y Bwlch, Maentwrog and Oriel Maenofferen, Blaenau Ffestiniog.



Seven is a young up and coming textile artist with a passion for embroidery. Having grown up in North Wales she has developed a great interest in Folklore and Fairytales. These works were exclusively made for the current exhibition.

Seven is currently studying art and design in Bangor and we are happy to be showcasing her work in a gallery for the first time.



Su is a local wildlife and landscape painter and printmaker, specialising in collagraph and experimental print methods.

Su studied fine arts at De Montford University in Leicester and manages Llyn Arts Craedigol.



Sue Rundle-Hughes is an artist and illustrator from South Wales. She originally studied costume design but loved drawing stories and drifted into children’s illustration, although she still retains her love of costumes and likes to incorporate it into her artwork. Sue particularly loves narrative art and is inspired by fairy tales and folklore, castles and animals. Sue has a special interest in the welsh stories ‘The Mabinogion’.
Sue favours acrylic paint, pencil and ink to produce her artwork.