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Outside Edges

Ar Yr Ymylon

18 November 2023 - 24 February 2024

This exhibition was inspired by the Borderland Visual Arts Group's touring exhibition.  The first stop for the touring members (Gill Crozier, Joanne Dale, Stefanie Gundlach, Judith Harrison and Alison Holt) was right here. Mima curated a unique mix exclusive to Oriel Tŷ Meirion to incorporate the Borderland Visual Arts group in a one-off collaboration with local artists; artists in residence and Ukrainian  artists residing in the region (Alla Chakir and Roman Nedopoke).


Visitors dsicovered several twists and turns in this exhibition. Each artist was inspired by Wales and the Welsh landscape; but within these works there was a range of languages, cultures and interpretations to the theme.  


The artist line-up included:

Sue Barnes - Ceramics / Serameg
Julian Brasington - Printmaking / Argraffu
Harri Carmichael - Jewellery / Gemwaith
Alla Chakir - Painting / Paentio
Gill Crozier - Painting / Paentio
Joanne Dale - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg
Iain Davidson - Printmaking / Argraffu
Dafydd Davis - Painting / Paentio
Stefanie Gundlach - Painting / Paentio
Judith Harrison - Mixed Media / Cyfryngau Cymysg
Alison Holt - Embroidery / Brodwaith
Roman Nedopake - Painting / Paentio
Ian Phillips - Printmaking / Argraffu
Sorrel Sevier - Jewellery / Gemwaith
Carol Udale - Jewellery and Painting / Gemwaith a Phaentio
Ann Walker - Textile Art / Celf Tecstilau​

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Exhibition Image Archive
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